Who Am I?

About Me
I learned very early on in my real estate career that the one common denominator that holds true or for everyone is that at the end of the day everybody goes home.  Fortunate to have 17 years of commercial-industrial real estate experience and several more in residential real estate I have been able to provide a unique skill set to assist my customers and clients. With the premise that home is where the day begins and ends I have chosen to provide exemplary service to fullfill that end.  Home is where you find comfort, rest and relaxation.  Where your soul needs to be at peace.   That's where I come in.  Let me help you in you with the purchase and sale of your home, whether your home is tranquil and serene or filled with the bustle of growing children and all their friends.  It's all about what makes you smile inside.  None of the big world really matters if you can't be happy at home.  I will treat each and every deal as if it's a multi-million dollar investment that your happiness is dependent upon.  Why?  Because that's really what it is.
About Me

Personal Interests

Sparkling Blue Lakes. Majestic Mountain Landscapes. Thin Crisp Air in High Mountian Elevations. Fresh Glistening Snow. Deep Snow.  Skiing on Any Day of the Week Anywhere. Rapids. Big Rapids for Riding and Small Rapids for Listening Pleasure. Riding Bikes Anywhere for Any Reason. Colorful Organized Gardening in Mother Nature's World.   And I'm a Self-Described Techie Nerd.

About Me

Positions & Memberships

  • Women's Council of Realtors, Birmingham-Bloomfield Chapter, VP of Membership 2016-17, Vice-Chair of Hospitality 2015
  • CBWM Birmingham, Continuous Improvement Committee
  • CBWM Birmingham, Birmingham Advisory Committee
  • Pinewood Industrial Park Association, Secretary
  • 16 year Resident of Sylvan Lake, the "Prettiest Little City in Michigan!"
  • Oakland County Boat Club, Member
  • Boyne Mountain, condo owner
  • Aspen, Colorado, past-resident, future residient and retirement goal
  • Sylvan Lake Home & Garden Tour, Chairman 2015-16,  Docent Chairman 2014
  • Sylvan Lake Parks & Rec - Volunteer
  • St. Hugo School - Parish Member
About Me


  • Michigan State University, BA Employment Realtions
  • Colorado Mountain College, Real Estate 
  • Marian High School, Class of 1986